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I’ve had a bad week.  Between a snafu with a bill paying website and a utility company, I’m in a position that royally pisses me off.  The bill paying website has behaved in a manner that has resulted in me owing a lot of money to the utility company.  It’s a large portion of yarn money and it is only my fault in that I didn’t read the fine print thoroughly enough.  The worry abounds.  But I’ve learned something.  I should not consider starting over on projects when I’m that upset about something else.  It makes me want to start everything over.  Luckily, I listened to the cautious voice in my head instead of ripping back the pair of socks I’m making for my sister’s birthday to the heel because I don’t like the way it turned out and I think I’ve come up with a solution without having to undo hours and hours of work.  Here are the socks.

That heel is too pointy and the short-row construction has little holes where the decreases happen.  Those little holes are an assault on my knitter spirit, which is like The Force and is surprisingly strong in me for someone so new to knitting.  The solution?  After I finish the leg, I’m going to snip the yarn at the heel and rip out only the heel.  Then I’m going to redo the stitches in another short-row heel technique which professes to get rid of those abominable holes, and when I get to the end, I’ll rejoin the yarns and then weave the ends in the wrong side.  Voila.  Not sure how it’ll work, but there is nothing worth doing in knitting without doing it right.  Well, it’s a not technically a mistake, and there are some things I will live with, but apparently this isn’t one of them.  When I first started knitting, I was scared to try anything new that wasn’t in the pattern.  But really?  Scared of knitting?  What’s there to be scared of?  The worst that can happen is that I mess it up and have to rip it back and reknit.  Since I like to knit, while I might end up frustrated having to redo something, it’s still enjoyable to make the stitches.  Besides, what’s life without a little risk?  Problem with this particular pair of socks is that I have about two weeks to get them done and in the mail to my sister for her birthday so I don’t have a lot of time for risk.  I also don’t have enough time to rip them back and do the leg all over again.

As far as the rest of what’s on my needles, here’s the rundown.  This is the pair of socks that have been consuming my time mostly lately. They are Mother’s Day socks for my mother in a herringbone pattern that is not confusing as long as you know there’s a published errata, but is finicky, and while Mother’s Day has come and gone, I wanted her to pick out her own yarn, and she didn’t pick until two weeks after Mother’s Day anyway.  So when I get them done is when I get them done.  I’m shooting for having them done by the end of June.

DSC_0301 by you.

You’ll notice I’m not very far.  I would be.  I’ve knit enough stitches on it to have a whole sock and part of the second.  But I’ve frogged this back a record SIX SEVEN times.  The first time, I made a mistake on the pattern after the ribbing.  The second time was another mistake.  The third time, I gave up on the pattern and was just going to knit a plain pair of stockinette stitch socks.  I decided that was boring and ripped it back a fourth time to restart the herringbone pattern ones.  The fifth time, my daughter ripped it back for me.  Ugh.  The sixth time, I got the farthest, nearly to the heel and discovered that the yarn I was using was the wrong gauge and that since I didn’t swatch for a measly sock (hubris of the new knitter) the sock was too small to get over my own foot, let alone my mother’s, which are a size bigger than mine.  It was then that I decided to switch yarn to this one.  It’s Cabana Boy from Yarntini’s Super Summer semi-solid Sock Club that I signed up for in April and goes through September.  It’s closer to the gauge and this time I swatched and while I didn’t exactly get gauge, it is close enough.  It’s a sock.  Then, I messed up the herringbone pattern again and ripped it back a SEVENTH time and if it doesn’t work this time, I’m finding another pattern.  First I thought it was a challenge.  Now, it’s a matter of pride.  But I’m not so prideful that I can’t see the reality that it may be a more difficult pattern than I originally thought.  I can do the stitches, but dude, it’s persnickety. Persnickety is hard with the little ones running around and ripping my knitting out for me.

Here are the rest.  A blanket for Son, my five year old.  He chose the blanket, and I’m obliging.  Technically it’s not knitting but crochet.  I went through a phase at the very beginning where I thought crochet might be fun to learn too.  I realized the error of my ways after starting this blanket.  It’s not that it’s not a good stitch pattern, it’s that I prefer two needles to one.  Somehow, I get more knots with crochet and only one needle.  I’m about a third of the way done.

Here’s another project, a blanket for Daughter.  It’s also crochet, but a little easier.  It’s several little blocks that will be sewn together to make the blanket.  I’m about half done.  I have a few more purple squares to make and then all of the green ones.  Then the blocking of the blocks, the sewing together, and the border. 

Here’s a better picture of the green.  It’s minty.

When I’m done with this blanket, I’m done with crochet except as an edging to my knitting.

Then there’s the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Ravenclaw scarf I’m doing for myself.  It’s too hot to knit on now though.

I picked Ravenclaw because I like the colors.  I knit a Slytherin one for my sister for Christmas (sadly didn’t get pictures) that started me on this whole knitting obsession anyway.  I’ll finish it by the time it’s cooling off in the fall.  It’s not exactly an exciting knit with its miles and miles of stockinette stitch.  It was perfect for me as a beginner, but now it’ll be good for when I’m watching TV and can look away from it and not have to stop.  It’s not persnickety at all.  Maybe it’s my antidote to the Herringbone Rib Socks.

Anyway, I’m off to knit on the herringbone socks.  Or the stripy socks.  I have a zen place I need to find so I quit thinking about the stupid power company.


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