A Knitter’s Conundrum

We’re attempting to buy a new truck.  Back in December, our pop-up camper sustained damage in a windstorm that resulted in water damage to the interior and essentially rendered the camper totaled.  When the floor is one piece, even water damage in one corner is catastrophic in that everything has to be ripped out in order to replace the floor.  There’s not much patching possible in that case.  So February found us at our local RV show where we were very careful to select a new camper that would be within the towing guidelines of our Durango.  However, Mike was worried about the Durango’s towing capacity with the new camper, so we had some transmission maintenance done and had a new set of shocks put on to help with the bumpy ride.  Memorial Day weekend was the big test, when we drove to a campground we stay at every Memorial Day weekend that’s six hours away.  We did fine, for the most part, except through the Missouri Ozark vicinity of I-70.  The Durango was sluggish on the hills.  Capable, but the downshifting was significant and the RPMs would jump from 2500 to 5500 and cause my heart to flutter a bit.  It was nerve-wracking.  So after much teeth gnashing and eye rolling (all on my part since Mike loves to buy and trade cars around) I agreed that we’d end up ruining the Durango if we kept it going.  After asking around to his RV and camper owning friends Mike learned that diesel trucks go longer and tow better and it’s one of the reasons that most construction crews and essentially any type of work truck you see is diesel.  He convinced me and then he found what he wanted on the Kelley Blue Book website, listed by a small town dealer in southern Missouri.  

Long story short, we’ve made a couple trips to a small dealership about an hour south of St. Louis, and it’s been prime knitting time in the car.  Last week, I frogged my sister’s knee high socks because my short row heel had holes in it and there was another mistake up by the toe that I’d missed.  I started over last Wednesday and by Friday I was ready to tackle the short row heel again with a new technique.  A snafu with the dealership meant that we had to return on Saturday for a different truck to test drive, and that we’d likely get an even better deal with their mistake.  The original truck we were going to look at was sold out from under us and they were extremely apologetic, which could possibly translate to dollars on the deal for a new truck, which has fewer miles, is a year newer, and is also a heavier duty engine.  But it also meant another two hours in the car.  I turned the heel Friday night after we got home and worked my way up the ankle on Saturday on the ride down.  Pretty soon, I’ll be ready for the calf increases and will be able to cast off the first sock and cast on the second.  The pair will likely be late as my sister’s birthday is on Thursday this week, but this is okay with me. 

The problem is that I have a huge case of startitis, where I have three or four projects that I am chomping at the bit to get started.  I have a pair of booties for a baby expected by our HR lady that I want to do, and I have a couple baby blankets that need to be done, one by September and one by November.  But the thing I can’t get out of my head, the thing I’m fantasizing about casting on, the thing that is whispering its siren song of stitches to me is this pair of socks:

The picture is from the pattern Viper Pilots written by GlennaC, on Ravelry for the bargain price of $5.  I. am. salivating.  I have recently developed an obsession with the show Battlestar Galactica on my sister’s urging, and I have a deep love for the series that has given me words and phrases such as ‘frak’ for the eff-word and ‘so say we all’ for solemn announcements.  So to find a knitting pattern inspired by the show, with detail work to simulate the Vipers the pilots fly in the series as well as some details in the cabling attributed to the perils of space flight, well.  You can imagine the pitter patter of my heart as I clicked the PayPal button to fork over my eager monies and hold this pattern in my grubby hands.  Never mind that I’ve only successfully finished one pair of socks.  Never mind that I haven’t learned cables yet.  Never mind that I’ve got a full plate of things I want to finish and a husband that thinks when I’m knitting that I’m ignoring my family and my responsibilities, and so he rolls his eyes and makes disparaging comments when I pick up the needles (to which I complained that he does his hobbies whenever and wherever he chooses so I’m allowed to do mine at my discretion and he should shut his everloving pie hole, so say we all)!  Never mind all that.  I want these socks.  In the tone of Fat Bastard of Austin Powers fame, “Get on my feet, wee little socks.”  I supposed I could frog the knee highs again, or just hibernate them and cast on the Viper Pilots for my sister for her birthday since I’m a process knitter (enjoying the making of more so than the finishing of a project) and she’s the one who turned me on to the series so she deserves a pair herself, but man, a little restraint would probably do me some good.  Even if I do already have planned out what yarn to use, and have just made sure to procure the proper size needles, and even if I make it a point to go out to Ravelry and browse all the versions people have done and read their comments on the ease of the pattern.  Even though I have yet to make something for myself yet, and it’s high time I show my own feet some loving, or if I make them for her I can look forward to making this sock TWICE, oh the geek inside me did a little backflip at the thought!

There is one more trip down south in our future for the truck buying, assuming the cards all align in our favor with the financing.  It will be the trip down to make the trade and say goodbye to our beloved and reliable Durango, which I’m actually a little sad about.  But I’m telling you what, disparaging remarks from Mike or not, I’m knitting on those knee high stripy socks and I will finish them in record time.  SO SAY WE ALL!


2 Responses to “A Knitter’s Conundrum”

  1. June.8.2009 at 5:42 PM

    I am exactly the same way – although I just have a dozen set of knitting needles with half finished scarves on them that were completely boring to work on. I must learn how to do more than the knit stitch! Those new socks are super cute – and I feel totally honored to be the recipient of the “only completed pair of socks you’ve knitted”.

  2. June.9.2009 at 10:55 AM

    Good Luck with the new truck!! I think you will really like the diesel, they are so much cleaner burning then even 5 years ago, plus the gas mileage is so much better then in a gas truck. Let me know what you think! I wish I was a knitter, I don’t even know a basic stitch for a scarf! Maybe one of these days when I have the time (HA!) I at least cross-stitch when I have that said time!!

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