Because Yarn Harlot Was Already Taken

I thought Knitting Harlot would be too close for copyright and besides, I like Stephanie and thought that maybe I should come up with something a little more original.  Remember I wrote about the socks that were winning?  I threw a couple of huge fits over having to rip those back so many times.  Conniption has always been one of my favorite words.  It’s fun to say, fun to type, and fit rhymes with knit so I could substitute.  

As for the socks that started it all on this blog, the Herringbone Socks, the score is now Socks = EIGHT and Andrea = 1.  That 1 was hard fought.  That 1 comes about as I’ve learned the value of having a knitting lifeline for finicky patterns.  Every few rows that I complete without making a mistake, I move the lifeline so that if a mistake occurs, I don’t have to totally rip out to the beginning since the pattern doesn’t make for very easily picked up stitches.  I’m making slow but steady progress.  Those socks will not best me. 

But I think every knitter has a little harlot in us.  We’re easily seduced by new yarns, new patterns, new techniques, and most of all, by inspiration.

This week has been a floozy week on the knitting front for me.  I swear, if someone on a street corner opened up a trench coat with pockets of yarn along the inner lining instead of the usual fake Rolexes, I would be helpless to keep from finding even the change in the bottom of my purse to fork over for the pretty, pretty yarn.  Surprisingly though, I have bought no yarn this week, though it is only Wednesday.

It started on Monday when I wrote about the siren song of the Viper Pilots sock pattern.  I was wanting to finish up my sister’s knee high stripy socks first before starting this pair and one was birthday, one for Christmas for my sister.  She was the one who turned me onto Battlestar Galactica, by which the pattern was inspired, and so I think she deserves a pair of Viper Pilots.  Then it occurred to me.  Switch which sock is given for which occasion! It was the only possible solution, because I was helpless in the face of the call of these new socks and so casting on for them was actually beyond my control.  I blame the pattern for being too damned irresistible.  So I hibernated the knee highs and cast on the Viper Pilots on Tuesday with much glee and only a sideways glance at the knee highs, hoping they grow unboring enough in the future for me to finish them (by Christmas).  Seems that if a pattern looks at me sideways with a come hither gaze and a wink, I can be seduced away from whatever I’m working on at the moment. 

Then yesterday, I was browsing along on my break, clicking links and following to my hearts content the knitting superhighway online.  I clicked a link and was cemented to my seat.  A beam of heavenly light in bright, sunshiny rays came through the ceiling and my irises went from orbs to hearts, for I instantly fell in knitty love.  Signature Needles.  Hand crafted, custom tips, weighted ends for perfectly balanced needles, much like a precision set of Henckel knives, where the tang is the same weight as the blade and can be balanced on one finger, giving control over the knife’s every movement.  (I’ve learned the art of a good knife from my husband Mike, who is a chef.)  Such were the claims of these needles, the brainchild of the president of a metal fabrication company who also knits and was displeased with her needles to the point of having some custom made for her at her company.  Oh my, but these needles are like art, just to look at the pictures!  To say nothing of the testimonials (I’m a sucker for testimonials) praising them.  These needles are definitely a luxury, a little spendy, but equated to other tools in other crafts that are engineered with quality in mind.  Michelangelo probably had some pretty good brushes in his paint kit; Bob Vila very likely has a top-of-the-line drill to complete his projects; and I’m fairly certain Eddie Van Halen doesn’t get his guitars from Guitar City – although he could make any mediocre instrument sing.  Granted, I’m no Michelangelo or Eddie Van Halen when it comes to knitting, but I could be.  Who’m I to let a little thing like a moderately expensive pair of needles (and in the scheme of expensive, $32 is totally doable.  $32 is a pair of shoes, a haircut, or a trip to the grocery store, not a BMW for crying out loud) keep me from being the next Kate Gilbert?  Who knows the knitting talent I may have latent within me?  And I don’t even need to look at the DPNs (even though I put them all on my wishlist anyway) since I can’t seem to use anything but circs on socks anyway because I’m clumsy with that many needles (and I’m talking to myself about being the next up and coming designer???  My delusions, they run deep). 

Are you talked into it as easily as I was yet?  See how I can get myself into trouble?  See how I can click that cart button and totally feel that I’m shortchanging myself if I don’t spend the money?  Yeah. 

My new needles will hopefully be here by the weekend.  I got some size US 6s (the most common needle size in the sweater patterns I want to tackle come fall, after I finish that wedding blanket that’s also on size 6 needles).  The rest will come as they can be afforded.  And they will come for Christmas, hopefully.  If I can get my family to understand just how much I like to knit and that knitting gifts for me are actually a good thing.  They scoffed at my knitting gift suggestions for my birthday last month.  Non-knitters don’t get it.  Which is why I’ve made it my goal to convert the world to knitters.  I started yesterday on my sister, who said she’d think about trying a scarf.  Which means I have to hurry up on the Viper Pilots.  I need to get a handknit into her hands pronto for the knitting hold to get its hooks further in.  Mwwaaaaahhhahahahahahah ha ha ha ha…  After all, I can’t be the only knitting floozy out there, now can I?


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