Not a Knitting Blog Without…

The family pets.

This is Biscuit…

biscuit by you.

He’s looking at me taking this picture as if he’ll deign to sit still for ONE picture just so that we’ll have something by which to remember him.  He’s only three, but he’s very cool, laid back, and affectionate.  He doesn’t even run from Daughter when she comes trundling toward him on her 17 month old wobbly legs.

This is Calypso…

calypso by you.

This is actually an old picture of Calypso.  She’s really big now, and in this pic, she’s just a puppy, but now she’s almost 2.  I need to get an updated picture of her, if I can get her to sit still.  She’s really huge and her paws are the size of dinner plates.  There’s a reason we call her a horse, but she’s a big sweetie, and even though she doesn’t know her own size and loves that the kids are on doggy kiss level (which Son hates) she’s just a bumbling hoss of a dog that is full of love.  Son named her after the Goddess of the Sea, or more aptly, the one in Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End.  When she came to live with us, Son was quite obsessed with that movie.

I don’t have pictures of all our past pets, but here’s Chewie…

Chewie, 1997-2008 by you.

She died last year and took a little piece of my heart with her.  She was 11, and my first baby after moving from my parents’ house.  I still miss her.  I can hardly talk about her without getting sad and lonely without her to come lie next to me on the couch or burrow under the covers next to me with her nose sticking out.  Excuse me, I need a Kleenex…

This is Maximus…

Maximus 2 by you.

So named after Maximus from Gladiator, which we bought the same year we got Max.  He was with us until late 2007.  A purebred Husky, he was very much a big teddy bear.  He never jumped on people, never licked people, never bit anyone, and his biggest fault was that if he escaped the confines of our yard or house, he’d take off as is the nature of a Husky.  I miss him too, but I don’t miss his fur.  His fur got everywhere, and into everything.  He was 12 when he died.

I am a huge pet lover, mostly of dogs, but since having Biscuit, I’ve come to love him, too.  I would consider getting another cat, but I don’t like the pissy temperamental ones.  I like the ones that like to cuddle, and that like to sit on your lap and purr away the afternoon.  I don’t like the anti-social scratchers who would just as soon be outside strutting their stuff as opposed to being good family pets.  Maybe Biscuit is one of a kind, maybe not.  I don’t intend to find out until after he’s gone.  The trouble with cats is they like my knitting almost as much as I do…


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