My weekend was somewhat uneventful with just one exception.  Saturday, what turned out to be the hottest day of a two-week long heat wave humidity fest in the Midwest, we had an outdoor birthday/reunion.  Mike’s grandfather’s sister (whom they call Aunt Sis) turned 86 and wanted to celebrate it on the lot of the river clubhouse the family used to have that was washed out by the huge flood in 1993 that spanned whole states.  It was a beautiful location, very well shaded and on the banks of the river, it was actually a couple degrees cooler than it would have been at a park.  

Mike was driving to the location with directions but as we neared the smaller, more secluded roads, he began to remember and reminisce about childhood memories involving the clubhouse he and his family so enjoyed.  Along the way, we saw signs pointing people to the back roads leading to a wedding.  Little did we know, it was located on the lot right next to the one where we were having Aunt Sis’s birthday gathering.  We pulled up to a small grouping of white chairs and a plant draped wedding arbor.  I wondered, as I climbed out of the truck, if the sound of the generator someone in Mike’s family had brought to provide electricity to a camper for the air conditioning should someone get heat sick would bother the wedding.  I assumed we’d be asked to turn it off, but it turned out that the wedding wasn’t in the afternoon.  People didn’t arrive to add to the decorations until near 3 pm, right when Mike and I were leaving.  I did have the presence of mind to get a couple snapshots of a typical Southern Missouri outdoor wedding setup, complete with Port-A-Potty.

Big ass truck, check.
Hot weather, check.
Chairs, check.
Port-a Potty, check.

Outhouse at Wedding by you. 

But the kids had a good time, despite the heat. 

I'll Get This Open... by you.

Chocolaty Smile by you.

Dancing by you.

Chilling Outside by you.

There was some knitting done in the car to and from, and I made good progress on my mom’s socks in the last week. 

Mom's 1st pair of socks 3 by you.


I’m nearly to the heel on the second sock and the evolution of a knitting pattern has nearly run full circle with me.  First, the enchantment with the new project, quickly followed by frustration at the complexity of the pattern (given that I’ve only been knitting for a few months) and then determination that this pattern would not beat me, and next came boredom with the project as I mastered the pattern and moved into round after round of the same thing.  Then, wanting to set it down but not doing so because I’ve been working on them far too long and need to finish.  Shortly after that, I became reenchanted with the subtle variegation of the yarn, the way the herringbone pattern showcases those subtleties, and it’s no longer just miles after miles of yarn overs and psso stitches. 

Mom's 1st pair of socks by you. 

Given that I’m reaching the end of this project, I thought it would be prudent to begin the next pair of socks, these for my dad. 

Dad's 1st pair of socks 2 by you.

This project I know is going to be tough.  I hate the yarn.  It’s splitty, not at all soft, and the stitches cling in a manner that makes even decreases and increases a pain in the butt.  I did a short row toe and while it looks okay, I managed to muck it up a bit because the wraps were so hard to negotiate through the sticky yarn.  I’m using US 0 needles so I’m considering upping the size so that maybe the fabric being produced won’t be so stiff since the yarn is stiff itself.  I plan to stop at my LYS to pick up some sharper pointed needles for another project so maybe I’ll use them for these to see if it helps the splittiness of the yarn.  But I’m not relishing doing over those wraps, which means I might be switching to a different toe construction.  We’ll just have to see. I frogged once because the wraps looked like crap and the yarn didn’t hold up well to frogging at all.  I may take this ball of yarn and give it to the dog or cat to play with, it’s that awful.  The crappy thing?  I have two more skeins of this in my stash.  Ugh.  I’ll keep going with it, just to see if it improves since all I have are the toes and maybe it gets softer after washing.  Regardless, it may be that I start prowling for something else before getting too far into these. 

The cutest thing that happened this weekend was that Son asked me for a pair of socks for him.  Green.  Then an orange pair.  He likes orange.  I told him I’d do some for him when I get some of the socks I’m working on right now done.  Since they’re such smaller socks, and I’m having the dilemma with the yarn for my dad’s socks, maybe I’ll knock Son’s out first while I’m contemplating Dad’s sock yarn.  We’ll see.

What did you do this weekend?


2 Responses to “Weekenderies”

  1. 1 Jen
    July.3.2009 at 8:26 AM

    Last weekend was somewhat uneventful, hopefully this weekend will be too. I am not going anywhere but to the neighbors. Have a happy fourth.

  2. July.6.2009 at 3:28 PM

    DAMN those kids are getting cute. Since when is Anna allowed to look like a toddler? Also: Gabe is practically an adult.


    jesus. life. it’s flyin’, huh.

    (miss you.)

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