Brain consuming: current state of the checkbook.  Ugh.

Time consuming:  This weekend, we decided to purge the house of all the dirt, excess, and pet hair.  It was quite the undertaking, starting with our mail.  Oh my word, the mail is out of control.  We broke the shredder with all the purging, and now we have a pile of old bills that have to be burned since we reorganized our file cabinets for the new stuff.  Then, we moved on to other areas of the house, pulling out furniture and finding all kinds of gems fermenting under couches and hiding behind end tables.  We steam cleaned the carpet.  We went through the toys.  That in itself was hilarious because the kids were all, “Oh yeah, I remember that toy!  I haven’t played with it in a year, but I looooove it, don’t take it awaaaaaaaayyyyy!”  It was like Christmas for them, but sadly, we took the toys they hadn’t played with for a good bit and hid them in plastic bags for Goodwill donation.  We weren’t totally heartless and the things they seemed extremely interested in again we kept.  But there were things that needed to be said goodbye to.  We’re down some big stuff, and the space it coughed back up will only be filled in again by Christmas. 

There was also a deck staining project.  Mike built a beautiful deck in May and I wanted to keep it looking like new wood, but between our summer plans and the weather being wetter than normal, we weren’t able to get the stain put on until this weekend.  It turned out to be the perfect weekend to do it.  The sky was dotted with big puffy clouds so the fact that I don’t have a pair of sunglasses, having lost my last pair on a float trip, wasn’t an issue.  The air was dry, humidity nonexistent, which is extremely unusual for this time of year.  I got almost all of it done, with only one corner left to do this week as time permits.  I rolled up my sleeves into my bra straps and with some tunes pumping I got into the project and my thoughts.  Much as I hate painting and anything that resembles it, I found a place of zen and peace out in the sunshine, the clear air with a nice breeze and a dog at my side. 

I still hate painting activities.  But this was less bad than it could have been.

Food consuming: tomorrow is Mike’s birthday and so we were invited to his grandparents’ house yesterday for cake and ice cream.  Mmmm, cake.  Tomorrow, I’m taking him to see a Cardinals game, diamond box seats, the closest we’ve ever gotten to the field.  I think we’ll be 4 rows back, and while it would seem as though I’m spoiling him, I’m the one who is spoiled, having scored the tickets through my work so his birthday present is essentially free but for the parking and the food and beer we’ll have.

Yarn consuming: none.  I hardly knit at all this weekend.  However, I did get some tubs for my yarn so the storage options for me have improved and maybe I can move it all out of the cramped closet organizer and into the tubs. It feels better to have it all in tubs also because they’re air tight and I don’t have to worry about the cat getting into it or moths. 

This week, we’ll be busier than a two dollar whore at penny pitcher night.  Tonight I have to finish the deck (but I might take a night off from that since I’m single-mothering it) and tomorrow is the ball game.  Wednesday I’m single-mothering it again and if I don’t do the deck tonight, I’ll be doing it then.  Thursday, we’re getting ready for a kid-free camping trip and float and then we have family coming into town for the next week or so.  Getting the house ready for that, packing ourselves and the kids for an overnight with grandparents, and then dealing with our every day lives is probably going to leave me ready for a day off on Monday of next week.  Not to mention that there’s been pitifully little knitting content on this site and so I need to get out the camera and take pictures of a finished pair of socks, progress on other socks, progress on blankets, a new cast on, and some ideas I have in the works.  I have pictures to post of Son’s first day of school and a post about that to write.  And more to post to my writing group for feedback on the story I’ve decided has lain dormant long enough.

What has everyone else been up to?  I’m feeling a little out of touch lately.


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  1. August.25.2009 at 12:10 PM

    Doing lots of stressing about new chemo. Worrying about daughter’s first day of school last week (which actually went just fine – she IS a Junior now! lol). Stressing about son’s first day of school as a Sophomore tomorrow – he likes to be an asshole as he knows so much more than his teachers – this one terrifies me).

    I’m most worried about the chemo though – it has 5 pages of nasty side effects one of which requires a drug to prevent congestive heart failure that I have to take today, tomorrow, and Thurs. So exciting! I know things will be fine but I was just starting to get used to my hair coming back, I really don’t want to lose it all over again! 😦

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