My apologies for the extended absence.  There was some shit going down and my state of mind was not worth sharing in more than little bits and bobs on Twitter. I also didn’t trust myself to post about anything else because I figured my bitter would show through even the most benign of topics.  I don’t know if things are better.  But I do know that I need blogging, bitter seeping in or not.  I need to feel connected to others and a place where I can be open and honest without worrying about super judgy people in my real life. 

So! Onward.  Have you seen these socks?  I saw them and damn near fell over.  How awesome are they?  However it’ll have to wait.  I’m still in baby blanket hell, though I’m staring down the last curve and looking forward to the home stretch of seaming and blocking.  25 blocks is a lot of knitting.  Well, apparently baby blanket hell isn’t enough to stop me.  I’m going to be in baby blanket hell for a few more weeks, so I took the time out to do some selfish knitting.  I’ve kept exactly one thing in the year and a half that I’ve been knitting, so it was high time.  I did the Skew Socks and I love them very much. 

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Carabeño.
Needles: 2 US 1 24″ circulars, US0 DPNs for ribbing.
Satisfaction level: astronomical. I love these socks.  I will be wearing them as much as possible.

Not digging the holes on the sides, but knitting them on the bias like that made it hard to keep the increases from having little holes now and then.  I think of them as ‘air conditioning’.

I have also joined the Evenstar Mystery Shawl Knitalong.  It’s engrossing and lovely and the yarn is The Unique Sheep Eos in Silverlode.  I didn’t get the entire gradience set, just the skein second from the left in the picture.  The yarn is delicious and I want sheets made of it, it’s so soft.  I would wear Eos underwear if I dared make such an animal.  It’s that yummy. 


I also have finished another baby blanket.  I do not like the colors of this blanket very much.  I thought they would be great together, but the green and charcoal are not contrasting enough for my taste.  Alas, the blanket is done and I’m not redoing it. 

What’s everyone else up to right now?  I need to get back in the loop.


4 Responses to “Resurfacing”

  1. March.22.2010 at 11:18 AM

    Nice socks! Lovely shawl and awesome blanket! :o) I’m losing my mind with tax season, bag orders, festival season starting and I just finished a sweater. Crazy over here!

  2. 2 Jen
    March.23.2010 at 10:24 PM

    Love the socks, the blanket looks great. In hell from owing uncle sam way too much money, not good job prospects for the husband, but going to church and walking on the treadmill. Crazy here as well. Hope the bitterness goes away soon, just remember don’t let them get to ya dear, you are a good person!

  3. March.24.2010 at 1:23 PM

    socks are kickin. and I think the baby blanket is funky and modern and all that. You could even call it moderne. I dunno how that helps, but it does.

    As for judgy people – I will strap on the fighting boots and take them down. But until then, you can’t control how other people react to things – only how you react. It’s something I have to keep reminding myself as well.

  4. 4 JChevais
    March.24.2010 at 2:40 PM

    Oooooo! Those socks look nummy! I have the perfect yarn for that pattern! Hawt!

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